June 7, 2021
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Genial Picnic is a picnic brand committed with sustainability. We pledge to do our part so that we can continue to enjoy nature as a background to our picnics.

We eliminated plastic elements (the exception is the PET windows of our boxes), and replaced it by cardboard, paper or glass. The package of our picnics is a paper backpack that can be used again and again. We advise our users to place all the food packages in the recycling bins.  

All our picnics are local, in order to reduce our carbon footprint to the maximum and, at the same time, to contribute to the sustainability of the small local producers. 

We contribute to the defence and preservation of the local traditions and gastronomy.

We transform regional iconic dishes in picnic fare, you can eat with our hands, without losing territorial identity. In each Genial Picnic we may find the essence of each municipality cuisine with our commitment to quality.  

We promote and divulge the natural and environmental heritage of each region, and, in order to guarantee a positive impact over the biodiversity of our destinations, we advise and encourage the respect for the locations.

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