June 7, 2021
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A trail with moments of rare beauty, such as the ones by the bank of Ribeira de Seda and the vineyards. After a short initial section, the trail follows easy rural paths allowing for stunning views. Leave 1º de Maio street and turn right. Climb Poço street all the way up, passing in the middle of the white houses of Seda, take Cândido dos Reis and 5 de Outubro streets and finally Castelo street. After admiring the landscape from the viewpoint, turn back for a while and then turn left down the stairs “Escadinhas do Ribeirinho”. Take the rural path going down and turn left when you have the chance. You will start to follow the left bank of Ribeira de Seda (the creek), until you hit the asphalt of the old road. Pass along the Parque de Merendas (picnic park) ideal to enjoy an Alter do Chão Genial Picnic. After, cross the Roman Bridge of Vila Formosa and follow the abandoned asphalt road, taking the left side. Admire all the fabulous montes alentejanos (the typical farm houses), the water mirrors of the rural dams, the vineyards and olive trees. In the horizon, the image of “Aldeia de Seda” inspires special emotions to the traveller. Cross once more the creek Ribeira de Seda, through a modest road bridge and, upon hitting on the hamlet, turn left in the first street and then right, arriving at the church Igreja Matriz. Go down the street on the left and arrive at Cândido dos Reis street. Proceed to Poço Novo, where you started this journey.


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