June 13, 2021
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If you like walking, follow the trail PR1 ALT-A Glance over Ribeira de Seda. After picking up your Alter do Chão Genial Picnic in Páteo Real Restaurant , head to the Churchyard, facing west, and admire the landscape: to the east, Alter do Chão and Alter Pedroso; to the south, Évoramonte, and to the west, Ribeira de Seda, whose source is northeast, in  Serra de São Mamede. Your trail will be parallel to this creek. Meanwhile, take a stroll in the village, and find its old walls. Follow these walls to the north and find another viewpoint near the São João Chapel. Walk down a paved street until you find the left bank of Ribeira de Seda, surrounded by magnificent woods. Further down, you will arrive at a disactivated road that takes you to the beautiful roman bridge of Vila Formosa. Go back to the creek’s bank and find the Mendes bridge, made of shale, over the Ribeira de Alfeijós. Though uncertain, the origin of this bridge seems medieval.

Cross the bridge and arrive at the hamlet of Chança, where the trail ends. If you follow another variant of this trail – PR1.1 ALT – 4,9 km long and 1h 45m duration, you may start in Seda, crossing its creek to the right bank and going downstream. In the initial phase of this route, you will find vineyards and olive trees of the Herdade de Vale de Barqueiros. The walk ends at the border between the municipalities of Alter do Chão and Avis.


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