June 25, 2021
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Ribeira de Sor is a place of watermills and millers since the 13th century. The Royal Charter of our king Afonso III, dated 13th July 1256, refers to watermills belonging to chancellor Estêvão Anes: “molendinos quos habetis in Ripa de Soor” (mills he has in Ribeira de Sor). Parochial registers from 1758 mention more than ten watermills in this region.  The Ribeira de Sor trail, part of the pedestrian trails Alentejo Feel Nature – PR1 PSR, takes you to three of those, situated between Ponte de Sor e Tramaga, all dated from the beginning of the 9th century: Moinho da Sobreira (Sobreira Watermills); Moinho da Pontinha (Pontinha Watermill), and the more imponent of the three, Moinho Novo (New Watermill). This last one allows you to cross to the other bank, an area ideal for rod fishing. Enjoy this trail, but don’t forget your picnic, to recharge your batteries, as the whole trail, though an easy one, will take more than 4 hours.

Leaving the Ponte de Sor Riverbank Area, you should head for the pedestrian bridge that allows you to cross the stream to the left bank.  From there, climb to ribeira de Vale do Bispo (Vale do Bispo creek), walk through the montado, with its beautiful cork oaks, and arrive at aldeia de Ervideira (Ervideira hamlet). Walk across the village and head again to the banks of Ribeira de Sor. You will then be able to spot the famous Tramaga Watermills, that once did the beautiful job of turning grains into flour for bread.

Walk the trail calmly, to enjoy all the nature’s sounds, coming from the water or from the birds that accompany you along: the white stork, the black-winged kite, the black kite, the booted eagle and the European bee-eater. Pick your favourite nook to spread the towel and eat your picnic. Properly recharged, follow the trail, returning to the bridge over Ribeira de Sor and crossing to the other bank to walk down to the beautiful Parque da Marginal (Riverbank Park). Continue by the riverside and appreciate all the leisure equipment you find in your way. The trail ends in the same place it started. Such a walk without a Ponte de Sor Genial Picnic will get you very hungry, so don’t forget to book yours.


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