September 9, 2021
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The Torre da Lapa (Lapa Tower or the Marinha Tower) is a surveillance coastal structure, probably built in the 17th century, as it already existed in 1693, according to the records of the time in Tombo of the Main Church of Lagoa. It was part of a defensive and surveillance set along the Algarve’s coast that started being built after the Christian Reconquest, reinforced during the reigns of King John III and King Sebastian. It is a watchtower with 6 m wide and was built using stone and mortar.

From the cliff where it was built, near Lapa Valley, you can see the mouth of the River Arade and the vast extension of the ocean. From the top of the tower people could see the ships coming mostly from Africa to loot and kidnap. People were then warned about the threat by setting up fire at night or making smoke during the day. The tower is no longer used for surveillance, but people can still visit it and contemplate the beautiful natural scenery. Not far from it, the Tower Mill, now surrounded by the population of Ferragudo and long featureless, was probably used for the same purpose. We are sure the walk will boost your appetite, so don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic.

Font: Lagoa Municupality


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