September 9, 2021
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A true ex-libris of Lagoa, Algar Seco is a natural amphitheatre stage of an almost wild scenery and one of the most pleasant of all the coast of Algarve. The sea erosion shapes the lime stones into graceful shapes. If you walk down the steps, you can enjoy of close some of the caves and sea corners that nature has created. The rocks form “porches”, real windows to the sea, like A Boneca (The Doll) , where you can feel the gentle sea breeze. It is a recommended place not only for the photography lovers but for everybody that visits Carvoeiro. The wooden path with almost 570 m length and resting areas leads to the Forte e Capela de N. Sra. da Encarnação (Fortress and Chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation). If you haven’t walked it, we invite you to do so. And while you are there contemplate the native species of plants and other vagaries that mother nature has to reveal. The sea always opens one’s appetite. Be sure to take your Genial Picnic backpack with you.

Font: Lagoa Municipality


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