September 9, 2021
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There is a reason why Marinha Beach has been awarded with a Golden Flag and classified as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Here, nature has left its beautiful traces in these cliffs and awarded this beach an amazing greenish-blue sea. But don’t think this beach only has colourful and shaped cliffs to offer. The sound of the birds searching for fish will take you to the underwater realm. You only need a diving mask and some fins to get into the wonders this beach has to offer you. This patrimony, which belongs to Lagoa, but mostly to the world, has had the attention of some entities, like the University of the Algarve or the CCR Algarve, as well as its own Municipality, to set underwater trails that lead you to an adventure full of emotions. You can also go to the big algar, where the information board will explain you how these caves are formed in lime coastal areas. Don’t forget to take your Genial Picnic Backpack, full of local delicacies.

Font: Lagoa Municipality


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