September 9, 2021
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Lighthouses have been used since ancient times to help navigation. The Farol da Ponta do Altar (Ponta do Altar Lighthouse) was built in 1893, on a promontory used since prehistory for pagan rituals, and its construction was not very expensive. From the red cylindrical lantern of its prismatic tower of 10 m high and 2.7 m wide, the light emanated using petroleum was white. In Ferragudo, two lit moles, one fixed and another mobile, worked together with the lighthouse to guide the boats on their routes. In 1948, the light was changed to red with a range of 10 miles. In 1954, the energy power was gas and in 1976 it became electrical, although the gas was still in use until 1983. In 1992, the lighthouse was automatized to telecontrol from Cape St. Vincent. In 2001, its colour became white again with a range of 16 miles. This lighthouse is surrounded by some of the most beautiful cliffs that form big and mysterious caves. We are sure the walk will boost your appetite, so don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic.

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