September 9, 2021
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The Farol de Alfanzina (Lighthouse of Alfanzina), in Algarve, was projected in 1883 but was only built in 1919. This lighthouse is according to the parameters of the engineering schools of the 19th century, where the rational spirit was predominant, as it happens in other lighthouses of the time, like the one in Ribeirinha in Faial Island (Azores) or the one in Cabo Sardão. It took decades until the lighthouse could be used with electrical power. It was also hard to build an access path that led to it. We believe that this place, which today has a strong urbanistic increase due to the tourism, was no more than an isolated place. Now, from the top of the 15-metre tower, two lenses emanate two flashes of light with 3.6 and 11 second intervals that can be seen for 29 miles. It uses lights of 1000 w / 220 v. Don’t forget to take with you your Genial Picnic Backpack, full of local delicacies.

Font: Lagoa Municipality


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