September 15, 2021
Northern and eastern boundaries of Lagoa are the municipality of Silves, the western one, Portimão, and the southern, the Atlantic Ocean. Around this village there are more activities to enjoy besides lying in the sun. Following the mountain or sea trails is a good alternative but take always with you your Lagoa Genial Picnic backpack, filled with the local delicacies, to charge your batteries all day long. The municipality has four boroughs: Estômbar; Lagoa e Carvoeiro; Porches e Ferragudo. Estômbar and Porches were important in the Islamic and medieval periods and Ferragudo had defensive walls around the village. Fishing and canning industries brought prosperity and dynamism to Lagoa, but, today, tourism is very important for its development.   From the hill where the village is perched, where once there was a small lake responsible for the village’s name, you can see all the white houses and the church bell tower. A true postcard view… To enjoy, there are the sea and the pristine beaches, but also other activities. Follow the littoral trails or the ones from the sea to the countryside, carrying always your Lagoa Genial Picnic backpack, with enough treats to nourish you all day long. You have many places where you may enjoy your picnic. Sítio das Fontes,located on in a creek on the left bank of Arade river, is a pleasant place with an Eco Museum (an ancient tide mil and the, miller’s house), an open-air Amphitheatre and a picnic area and leisure area. The Ermida de Santo António, near Mexilhoeira da Carregação, over a small hill, is an excellent viewpoint over the Arade river, ideal for a picnic while enjoying the landscape. But there are more charming places to picnic: Carvoeiro, on the top of a cliff, near several unusual rock formations sculpted by the wind and by the sea of Algar Seco, is an ideal terrace for a romantic picnic. And don’t forget the vineyards. This ancient culture started during the Arab presence and went on. Lagoa is the heart of wine production in Algarve, due to having a specific ecosystem and sandy soils. Have you considered doing a picnic surrounded by vines? With your Lagoa Genial Picnic drink a white or red Lagoa wine. BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (CARAMUJEIRA). There is a reason why Marinha Beach has been awarded with a Golden Flag and classified as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Here, nature has left its beautiful traces in these cliffs and awarded this beach an amazing greenish-blue sea. But don’t think this beach only has colourful and shaped cliffs to offer. The sound of the birds searching for fish will take you to the underwater realm. You only need a diving mask and some fins to get into the wonders this beach has to offer you. This patrimony, which belongs to Lagoa, but mostly to the world, has had the attention of some entities, like the University of the Algarve or the CCR Algarve, as well as its own Municipality, to set underwater trails that lead you to an adventure full of emotions. You can also go to the big algar, where the information board will explain you how these caves are formed in lime coastal areas. Don’t forget to take your Genial Picnic Backpack, full of local delicacies. Font: Lagoa Municipality  BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (CARVOEIRO). A true ex-libris of Lagoa, Algar Seco is a natural amphitheatre stage of an almost wild scenery and one of the most pleasant of all the coast of Algarve. The sea erosion shapes the lime stones into graceful shapes. If you walk down the steps, you can enjoy of close some of the caves and sea corners that nature has created. The rocks form “porches”, real windows to the sea, like A Boneca (The Doll) , where you can feel the gentle sea breeze. It is a recommended place not only for the photography lovers but for everybody that visits Carvoeiro. The wooden path with almost 570 m length and resting areas leads to the Forte e Capela de N. Sra. da Encarnação (Fortress and Chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation). If you haven’t walked it, we invite you to do so. And while you are there contemplate the native species of plants and other vagaries that mother nature has to reveal. The sea always opens one’s appetite. Be sure to take your Genial Picnic backpack with you. Font: Lagoa Municipality BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (ESTÔMBAR). Sítio das Fontes is a unique natural place, due to the diversity of interesting aspects representing the Mediterranean landscape – the salt marsh, the mire, the shrubland, a temporary small lagoon, abandoned agricultural areas and many plans and water lines. The countless springs that give name to this place have origin in the biggest phreatic zone in the Algarve, known as Lias-Dodger or the Querença – Silves. Every year, thousands of people go to this creek of the River Arade to be in contact with the nature and to use the available equipment, like the Nature Interpretation Centre (CIN), the open-air Amphitheatre or the picnic area for cultural activities, discovering the nature and leisure time. The Tide Mill and the Miller’s House, both recovered, are examples of a more vast industrial patrimony along the River Arade. We are sure the walk will boost your appetite, so don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic. Font: Lagoa Municipality BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (FERRAGUDO). Lighthouses have been used since ancient times to help navigation. The Farol da Ponta do Altar (Ponta do Altar Lighthouse) was built in 1893, on a promontory used since prehistory for pagan rituals, and its construction was not very expensive. From the red cylindrical lantern of its prismatic tower of 10 m high and 2.7 m wide, the light emanated using petroleum was white. In Ferragudo, two lit moles, one fixed and another mobile, worked together with the lighthouse to guide the boats on their routes. In 1948, the light was changed to red with a range of 10 miles. In 1954, the energy power was gas and in 1976 it became electrical, although the gas was still in use until 1983. In 1992, the lighthouse was automatized to telecontrol from Cape St. Vincent. In 2001, its colour became white again with a range of 16 miles. This lighthouse is surrounded by some of the most beautiful cliffs that form big and mysterious caves. We are sure the walk will boost your appetite, so don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic. Font: Lagoa Municipality BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (CARVOEIRO). The Farol de Alfanzina (Lighthouse of Alfanzina), in Algarve, was projected in 1883 but was only built in 1919. This lighthouse is according to the parameters of the engineering schools of the 19th century, where the rational spirit was predominant, as it happens in other lighthouses of the time, like the one in Ribeirinha in Faial Island (Azores) or the one in Cabo Sardão. It took decades until the lighthouse could be used with electrical power. It was also hard to build an access path that led to it. We believe that this place, which today has a strong urbanistic increase due to the tourism, was no more than an isolated place. Now, from the top of the 15-metre tower, two lenses emanate two flashes of light with 3.6 and 11 second intervals that can be seen for 29 miles. It uses lights of 1000 w / 220 v. Don’t forget to take with you your Genial Picnic Backpack, full of local delicacies. Font: Lagoa Municipality BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (ALGARVE). Benagil Beach, once dominated by the seafarers, is now a summer destination due to its crystal and calm waters. The wooden boats continue to colour the water landscape and to welcome the visitors. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches amongst the 40 existing in the council. Like Algar da Praia de Benagil, the algar at Benagil Beach is a natural ex-libris and one of the most famous of Lagoa. Between the Farol de Alfanzina (Lighthouse of Alfanzina) and Nova Beach, there are dozens of tour-boats to these amazing water caves. It is part of the Seven Hanging Valleys walk, which is a walking trail extending for 5.7 Km along the cliff that joins Vale de Centeanes Beach to the Marinha Beach, being Benagil the lowest point of the trail, reaching 7.50 m above the sea level. Nearby there are some prehistorical archaeological traces on Vale d’El Rei, a little to the Norwest of the beach. Nothing beats a good picnic in the beach. Don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic. Font: Lagoa Municipality BOOK PICNIC
September 9, 2021
LAGOA (FRRAGUDO). The Torre da Lapa (Lapa Tower or the Marinha Tower) is a surveillance coastal structure, probably built in the 17th century, as it already existed in 1693, according to the records of the time in Tombo of the Main Church of Lagoa. It was part of a defensive and surveillance set along the Algarve’s coast that started being built after the Christian Reconquest, reinforced during the reigns of King John III and King Sebastian. It is a watchtower with 6 m wide and was built using stone and mortar. From the cliff where it was built, near Lapa Valley, you can see the mouth of the River Arade and the vast extension of the ocean. From the top of the tower people could see the ships coming mostly from Africa to loot and kidnap. People were then warned about the threat by setting up fire at night or making smoke during the day. The tower is no longer used for surveillance, but people can still visit it and contemplate the beautiful natural scenery. Not far from it, the Tower Mill, now surrounded by the population of Ferragudo and long featureless, was probably used for the same purpose. We are sure the walk will boost your appetite, so don’t forget your Lagoa Genial Picnic. Font: Lagoa Municupality BOOK PICNIC
Arte Urbana Ponte de Sor
June 28, 2021
PONTE DE SOR: THE CITY DISPLAYS THE LARGEST PANEL IN THE WORLD MADE WITH 400 THOUSAND WINE CORKS. Ponte de Sor is limited to the northeast by the municipality of Gavião and Crato, to the east by Alter do Chão, to the southeast by Avis, to the south by Mora, to the southwest by Coruche and to the northwest by Chamusca and Abrantes. It has a central position in Portugal, being situated halfway between north and south borders. The city is close to other important cities of Alentejo, such as Évora and Portalegre, and just one hour drive from the capital, Lisbon. Badajoz, in Spain, is another big city in its vicinity. The river Sor gave Ponte de Sor its name and also its charm. Nowadays, the river has been embellished by the pleasant Riverbank Area. Used for leisure, wellness, culture and sports, it’s a privileged place to picnic.  Those who love walking can initiate here a pedestrian tour that will take them to the Tramaga watermills from the 18th century, through the beautiful landscape of the cork oak montado that dominates the territory and sets the calm pace of the city life. In homage to the cork oak trees, the Centro de Artes e Cultura (Arts and Culture Centre) exhibits the largest panel in the world made with 400 000 wine corks.   The cork oak montado and the Albufeira de Montargil (Montargil Reservoir), where many go to enjoy some rest or to practice water sports, are the territory’s brand image. With its unique beautiful water mirror and fine sand banks that form small and idyllic beaches, this place is perfect to enjoy nature in its liquid form. Here you can find a sanctuary for contemplating nature, or the ideal place for practicing water sports, such as wakeboard, jet-ski and motorboat or canoe rides, that allow you to visit unique spots where you just want to spread your towel, sit down and quietly savor a Genial Picnic. BOOK PICNIC
Ponte de Sor Riverbank area
June 27, 2021
PONTE DE SOR: LEISURE AND WELLNESS AT RIVERBANK AREA. The Riverbank Area is a reference in the city for leisure and wellness. Ribeira de Sor (the river) is the background for all the surrounding greenery that makes this place ideal to sit down and enjoy a picnic. You can stroll around, heading for the pedestrian bridge, designed by Leonel Moura. If you prefer, ride a bike or do some cardio in the open-air equipment spread around the area, or play tennis. Canoeing and diving in the pool are also good options. The little ones can stimulate their imagination and motor skills in the children’s playground and its many different types of equipment to please all ages. Fishing enthusiasts may use the fishing track, and those who love walking may put their boots on. Here, in the Riverbank Area, starts a pedestrian trail that allows you to see the Tramaga watermills from the 18th century, and passes through the cork oak area, the montado. The day just flies by when you are in the Riverbank Area, even the longest summer ones. But don’t go away when the sun starts to set. Stay for the usual shows in the local Amphitheatre and enjoy different kinds of music.  And don’t forget to take your Ponte de Sor Genial Picnic along. BOOK PICNIC
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