Genial Picnic founders
June 21, 2021
It was during this Covid pandemic crisis that two women, Teresa and Fátima, decided to create a Project that would contribute to live and discover Nature in Portugal.  Here, we share with you how it all started. We had been friends for many years, having even worked together in many events and other adventures. Our idea was to allow people to enjoy our diverse and breathtaking nature and, at the same time, experience the local gastronomy. We decided to turn the iconic dishes of regional cuisines in informal food, to be eaten cold and using your hands. As Teresa was born and raised in Montargil, we decided that our first region to launch Genial Picnic would be Alto Alentejo. Genial Picnic is our registered brand and we chose that name because it is common to many languages.   Alto Alentejo has a rich and delicious cuisine, ideal to be transformed in indulging picnics, that will make us feel satiated through the entire day. We explored all the open-air activities in every region and shared all that information in our site, available to all those who crave for our picnics, so they can choose the best place to enjoy them. Then we looked across these regions for the best local products and introduced them in our picnic menus. Next, we found the local cooks and chefs and partnered with a restaurant in each municipality, carefully chosen for its food quality, to cook the picnics we designed. And because our idea is to allow you to enjoy nature, keeping it always intact, we found recyclable containers and came up with an eco–packaging. Then, we remembered that a basket or a box were not practical to walk or stroll in the middle of nature, we came up with the idea of light reusable kraft paper backpack, to allow you to move freely.   From Alto Alentejo, we moved on to study more regions and create other picnics that embody the local cuisine. We started in Covid-19 confinement, without the possibility of making picnic events. But we hope to plan them very soon. From corporate and brand activation to celebratory events, from friends gatherings to informal weddings, all of them will be fun, ecological and delicious with GENIAL PICNICS.
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