June 23, 2021
MONTARGIL: BIRDWATCHING IN MONTARGIL RESERVOIR. Montargil Reservoir has a unique beauty, being also the ideal scenery for all activities related to nature, namely birdwatching. Its calm surroundings and special vegetation harbour beautiful bird species, such as swallows, starlings and nightingales. Flying high, eagles and kites can also be spotted. In the north end, expect to see mallards and herons. Choose a quiet place and try to identify each species. But don’t forget your Ponte de Sor Genial Picnic. BOOK PICNIC
April 5, 2021
CASCAIS / GUINCHO. Sanderling, common ringed plover and European stonechat are among the birds you may watch in the Guincho-Cresmina dunes. Visitors follow a trail through the dunar system walking with the help of information panels spread across three wooden walkways that connect Areia road to Praia do Guincho, in a total of 2,2 kilometers. Take a pair of binoculars with you, for a more accurate observation. The sea breeze and the sand glow are your companions in these trails, as well as the local flora, such as the Armeria welwitschii or the Sabina turbinata, and fauna, namely insects and reptiles that form a singular ecosystem whose survival depends on the balance of the Guincho dunes. The area of the dunes grows 100 meters each year. BOOK PICNIC
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