Geocaching in Ponte de Sor Riverbank
June 19, 2021
PONTE DE SOR: GEOCACHING AT RIVERBANK AREA. For the exploring minded, we suggest searching for a geocache in the Ponte de Sor Riverbank Area. To find the cache you just have to do some simple maths and register in to obtain the coordinates and play. When you find the cache, take with you one of the souvenirs kept in the box, but don’t forget to leave another, that you should bring along.  Before or after this experience, enjoy a delicious Ponte de Sor Genial Picnic. BOOK PICNIC
Travel with responsability
June 6, 2021
ALTER DO CHÃO: EXPLORING TERRAS D´ALTER WITH GPS. For the born explorers, we suggest looking for a Geocache, you may find around here following the coordinates indicated in To play you should login. When you find the cache, you shoud take a souvenir out of the box and place another one you should have brought along. When you decide to play don’t forget to book an Alter do Chão Genial. BOOK PICNIC
April 3, 2021
CASCAIS. Your challenge is to find the pirate hidden treasure. It all begins in Conceição beach, and continues in the old town of Cascais, with a unique view over the bay, passing by the Marina de Cascais and Marechal Carmona Park. The participants rely on their GPS, their imagination, creativity and reasoning and, in order to be successful they must do some teamwork. The challenge is organized by Muitaventura (Tel. 967021248) and could transformed in a Peddy Paper and custom made. It has a three-hour duration and requires a minimum of four participants (prices start at €15). BOOK PICNIC
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