Montado Alentejano
June 14, 2021
ALTER DO CHÃO (COUDELARIA DE ALTER DO CHÃO AND HERDADE MONTE BARRÃO): WALKING, RIDING A BIKE OR ON HORSE. The Montado from Alentejo is a landscape that, in Alter do Chão, invites you to discover the local fauna and flora, namely the different kinds of herbs and wild species of plants that will inspire many local delicacies, present in the Alter do Chão Genial Picnics. Reserve one of them and take it along while you discover the local montado. At the Coudelaria de Alter, or in the Herdade Monte Barrão, you will find many acres of montado landscape, where you may find a lot of activities to do on foot, on a bike or on a horse. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes. And, above all, don’t forget your Alter do Chão Genial Picnic. It will taste so good while you rest in the shadow of a tree! BOOK PICNIC
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