Ponte de Sor watermills tourdos moinhos
June 24, 2021
PONTE DE SOR: WATERMILLS TOUR FOLLOWING ITS DAMS   Since the Middle Ages that watermills have defined the landscape of the small rivers in the Ponte de Sor area, mainly the creeks from Sor and Longomel. Essential for the waters to gain the power that made the wheels spin, the area around the mill dam is rich in biodiversity, namely certain bird and fish species, and occasionally otters. This tour allies the historic, artistic and natural heritages. At the same time, you get to understand how cereals were transformed in bread up to the early 20th century and you can appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature. And if the weather is hot, just dive in one of the dams. The scenery is more than perfect for a memorable Ponte de Sor Genial Picnic. BOOK PICNIC
Nacional Road N2
June 20, 2021
PONTE DE SOR AND MONTARGIL: KM 435 AND KM 448. From Trás-os-Montes to Algarve, EN2 (National Road 2) winds through all Portuguese landscapes along its 738,5 Km. EN2 is considered, among roads with the same characteristics, the longest in Portugal and in Europe and the third longest in the whole world, after Route 66, in the United States, and Ruta 40, in Argentina. From Chaves to Faro, cruising EN2 is a sightseeing journey that allows you to discover a huge variety of landscapes, cultures and gastronomies of our country. Stops at Km 435, in Ponte de Sor, or at Km 448, in Montargil Dam, are mandatory to recharge energy with a Ponte Sor Genial Picnic. Pickup at Quiosque da Relva Restaurant in Riverbank Area of Ponte de Sor. BOOK PICNIC
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