June 7, 2021
ALTER DO CHÃO: VIEWPOINT; GEODESIC LANDMARK AND MEGALITHIC ANTA. Situated at a height of 400 metres, Alter Pedroso in Alentejo, Portugal, has a magnificent view over the amazing surrounding peaceful landscape. This place was inhabited by man since ancient times and it was an important village, though small, til the 16th century, for its geographic location. The origin of Alter do Chão could be a Roman village built on a Iron Age settlement in Alter Pedroso. The region it’s worth visting and revisiting for the beauty of its whitewashed houses, the megalithic and historic remains, the ruin of the ancient Alter Pedroso castle, the ruins of the chapel of São Bento and the amazing landscape from the viewpoint. And because of its incredible and full of greenery places, ideal for an Alter do Chão Genial Picnic, filled with the local flavours. BOOK PICNIC
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